About Us

CHA-RI was formed in 2016 to assist the State of Rhode Island in funding services for children with long term disabilities or complex medical needs who live at home with their families. We ensure the necessary flow of service assessment funds by collecting payments from health plans, insurance companies and other payers and remitting those to the state. Through the state’s children’s health account, the state amplifies their resources to fund these services in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Why have a Children’s Health Account?
Increased Access. Families that have health plans that do not insure the medically necessary services and equipment needed by children with complex medical needs or long-term disabilities gain access to the benefits and services needed to sustain and improve their quality of life through this account. The Children’s Health Account gives all families access to the level of care needed for their children in their own homes.

Family and Community Sustainability. 
The benefits and services covered by the children’s health account provide medically necessary care in the home which allows children to remain a part of their family unit. Additionally, parents and caregivers can maintain their employment/financial support because they do not have to choose between working, institutionalizing their child, or providing 24-hour care.

For more information
For more information about the role and progress of CHA-RI, please email us at info@cha-ri.org.

KidsVax Team :   CHA-RI Administrators

  • Seema P. Mack

    President and CEO

  • Megan Conrad


  • Heather Veen

    Chief of Staff

  • Fred Potter

    Founding Member